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DoD IA/Risk Management Training & Certification

DoD IA/Risk Management Training & Certification
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DoD IA/Risk Management Training & Certification

We have a successful and award winning track record of providing risk-based/Information Security and training services (FISMA, IG, NIST, DIACAP, and CNSS) to our customers. From risk assessments to providing support for an entire Federal Agency’s Information Security Program, we ensure our customers’ systems and programs exceed Federal, DoD, and IC security requirements.

4 Days
Our Risk Management Framework (RMF for DoD) Course is a 4-day comprehensive deep dive into DOD authorization process and is designed for students looking for a thorough understanding of the Risk Management Framework for DoD Information Technology.

3 Days
The 3-day Cloud Security and FedRAMP course provides students with an in-depth knowledge of cloud security requirements, cloud security issues, cloud computing architecture and security concepts for the three types of cloud computing, and provides the latest guidance for FedRAMP.

2 Days
This 2 day hands on course will focus on counterintelligence activities identified by The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative as it relates to DoD systems. Students will gain a working knowledge of detecting, deterring, neutralizing, and exploiting threats that could be introduced into a computing environment.

Personnel performing information assurance functions must obtain certification required for their position category or specialty and level. This catalog of certifications have been approved as IA baseline certifications for the IA Workforce.

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We can offer private & customizable group training courses for you and your team at a location anywhere in the world. For your added convenience, we also can offer on-site testing for many popular vendor neutral and vendor specific certifications through our partnerships with leading exam providers.

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Our self-paced online training is easy to comprehend and quick to learn. Our design team is powered by an elite group of professionals with the synergy to achieve our vision of the best learning experience for your educational career goals. Our Self-paced online training is a cost-effective way to help learn and understand many popular topics.

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