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Privacy Professionals Can Now Test Their Expertise With ISACA’s CDPSE Exam

Published by Mike McNelis on December 20, 2021

The demand for technical privacy professionals is high, but these roles are harder and more time-consuming to fill than legal/compliance positions, according to ISACA’s Privacy in Practice 2021 survey report. Privacy technologists seeking to fill these key positions and advance their careers can demonstrate their technical privacy skills with ISACA’s Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer™ (CDPSE™) certification.

The CDPSE exam covers 3 key domain areas: privacy governance, privacy architecture and the data cycle. These domains depict the tasks performed by individuals who have significant experience and responsibilities in assessing, building and implementing comprehensive technical privacy solutions.

“As many professionals have seen the looming talent and knowledge gaps in implementing privacy-by-design solutions in a continually evolving privacy regulations and requirements landscape, CDPSE has gained notable traction after its launch, with more than 16,000 professionals becoming certified so far,” says Nader Qaimari, ISACA’s chief product officer. “Technical privacy professionals can validate their experience through the new CDPSE exam, which matches other ISACA® core certifications in rigor and requirements.”

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