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The Gap Between Patching Software and Security Is Vast!

CASE .NET Certification Boot Camp

Our 3-day EC-Council Certified Application Security Engineer Certification Boot Camp covers the critical security skills and knowledge required throughout a typical software development life cycle (SDLC), focusing on the importance of the implementation of secure methodologies and practices in today’s insecure operating environment.

While .Net developers often learn security on the job, primarily because the basic education of programming does not usually cover or emphasize security concerns, the CASE.NET program trains these developers to place importance on security.


We offer your best chance to get certified. Period. Training Camp has been awarded EC-Council Partner of the Year for the last 3 years, a reflection of our continued dedication to delivering excellence and quality across our full range of accelerated EC-Council courses. Since 2001, we have won more awards and certified more CEHs than any other company, worldwide.

Secure your .net applications

The ubiquitous nature of Windows, secure .Net programming is clearly a critical skillset. CASE.Net will teach you the skills to write secure .Net applications.

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  • Award Winning Case.NET Courseware

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EC-Council Enterprise Training Center of the Year

Training Camp is a leading provider of cybersecurity certifications and has been awarded the EC-Council Training Center of the Year award in North America for the last 3 years. Our programs are the most advanced information security courses in the market today.

  • EC-Council CASE.NET Exam Experts

    Our instructors are well-versed in accelerated learning concepts and exam preparation. During our CASE.Net boot camp, the experience of working with thousands of exam takers give our team unique insight into the learning requirements needed for success.

  • Award Winning EC-Council CASE.NET Courseware

    Our courseware keeps immediate pace with advancements in exam content by incorporating feedback from our thousands of EC-Council certified alumni students. They are reviewed every 30 days to ensure all information reflects the most current updates. Relying on traditional books or externally sourced materials do not offer this advantage.

  • Evening Review & Official Practice Labs

    Our course includes value-added evening review sessions covering 100% up-to-date materials on the lastest version of the CASE.NET exam. We also feature Official iLab practice labs with unique practice scenarios, covering all of the domains. These labs are only offering with Official EC-Council training and representative of the actual exam questions from EC-Council.

  • Exam Pass Guarantee

    When you decide to take one of our courses, you are placing trust in us. Our Exam Pass Guarantee was designed to help you reach your goal to pass the certification exam. If you do not pass the certification exam, you may retake this program live or online and/or enroll in our mentoring program at no additional cost.

Certified Application Security Engineer CASE.Net OUTLINE

Our courses are boosted with Training Camp’s exam prep guide so your course content will always be up-to-date with the most current version of the exam.

-Understanding Application Security, Threats, and Attacks
-Security Requirements Gathering
-Secure Application Design and Architecture
-Secure Coding Practices for Input Validation
-Secure Coding Practices for Authentication and Authorization
-Secure Coding Practices for Cryptography
-Secure Coding Practices for Session Management
-Secure Coding Practices for Error Handling
-Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST & DAST)
-Secure Deployment and Maintenance

The .NET framework has increased in popularity because of its open source nature, interoperability, language independence, library of codes, and ease of deployment. It’s become the preferred choice for application developers. However, there are not many classes that teach developers how to ensure their code is secure as well as correct. Moreover, any gap in the application development and deployment process can be damaging. .NET developers often learn security on the job. This is primarily because the basic education of programming does not usually cover or emphasize security concerns.

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