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Learn Advanced Python Skills

Advanced Programming Techniques with Python

Python continues to be a popular programming language, perhaps owing to its easy learning curve, small code footprint, and versatility for business, web, and scientific uses. Python is useful for developing custom software tools, applications, web services, and cloud applications.

In this course, you’ll build upon your basic Python skills, learning more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming patterns, development of graphical user interfaces, data management, creating web service-connected apps, performing data science tasks, unit testing, and creating and installing packages and executable applications.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for existing Python programmers who have at least one year of Python experience and who want to expand their programming proficiency in Python

Course Objectives

In this course, you will expand your Python proficiencies. You will:

-Select an object-oriented programming approach for Python applications.
-Create object-oriented Python applications.
-Create a desktop application.
-Create data-driven applications.
-Create and secure web service-connected applications.
-Program Python for data science.
-Implement unit testing and exception handling.
-Package an application for distribution.

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Advanced Programming Techniques with Python Course Outline

Selecting an Object-Oriented Programming Approach for Python Applications
-Implement Object-Oriented Design
-Leverage the Benefits of Object-Oriented Programming

Creating Object-Oriented Python Applications
-Create a Class
-Use Built-in Methods
-Implement the Factory Design Pattern

Creating a Desktop Application
-Design a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
-Create Interactive Applications

Creating Data-Driven Applications
-Connect to Data
-Store, Update, and Delete Data in a Database

Creating and Securing a Web Service-Connected App
-Select a Network Application Protocol
-Create a RESTful Web Service
-Create a Web Service Client
-Secure Connected Applications

Programming Python for Data Science
-Clean Data with Python
-Visualize Data with Python
-Perform Linear Regression with Machine Learning

Implementing Unit Testing and Exception Handling
-Handle Exceptions
-Write a Unit Test
-Execute a Unit Test

Packaging an Application for Distribution
-Create and Install a Package
-Generate Alternative Distribution Files

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