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About Our Program

Training Camp can help you achieve your mission-critical training and certification requirements. We specialize in preparing military and affiliated Defense contractors pass certification exams to achieve compliance.

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Training Camp’s DEFENSE Team has the cyber-security training expertise to thoroughly train Department of Defense (DoD) personnel and contractors to comply with the stringent certification requirements of Directives 8140 and 8570. In addition, our capabilities extend beyond active-duty personnel to include solutions for our nation’s heroes.

DOD 8570/8140

Department of Defense Directive 8570 has been replaced by the DoD CIO as DoDD 8140; DoDD 8570 is now a part of a larger initiative that falls under the guidelines of DoDD 8140.

DoD 8140 & DoD 8570

Army Ignited

Take advantage of a great opportunity to pay for credentials that can enhance your skills and qualifications both during and after military service!

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Air Force COOL

Industry-recognized credentials are a great way for airmen to bolster their Air Force careers and prepare for their eventual transition to civilian employment as they retire or separate from the Air Force.

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G.I. Bill

You sacrificed for us. Now let us give back to you. We proudly accept the GI Bill®, which may cover every penny of your training.

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Training Vouchers

Our training voucher programs offer organizations the opportunity to maximize savings while providing the ultimate flexibility in the development of training and certification plans.

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