DoD 8140 & DoD 8570

DoDD 8570 is now a part of a larger initiative that falls under the guidelines of DoD 8140. DOD 8140 includes initiatives such as NIST NICE which identifies critical knowledge, skills, and abilities known as KSAs that places cybersecurity positions into seven categories and consists of 31 specialty areas.

  • WHAT IS DOD 8570?

    The DoD 8570.1-M ("8570") Directive is also known as the Information Assurance (IA) Workforce Improvement Program. The Department of Defense (DoD) passed a regulation stating that all IA personnel must become compliant with the mandated IT and Security certification standards within a certain time frame.

    There are various levels of compliance based on the level of job function. In today’s environment of emerging security threats, the DoD recognizes the critical need for highly-qualified, experienced information assurance personnel.

  • More Information On Directive 8570.1

    8570 requires every full and part-time military service member, defense contractor, and civilian with privileged access to a DoD system, regardless of job series or occupational specialty, to obtain a commercial certification credential that has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

    Please note, the certifications above are the only commercial certifications the DoD will accept as fulfillment for the 8570.1M requirement.

  • Directive 8140*

    The Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 8140 recently replaced Directive 8570 creating a larger initiative and framework that provides Information Assurance workforce qualification requirements. Though DoDD 8140 is the current policy it adopted the DoDD 8750 manual until an updated manual is produced. As a result, learners who are interested in working with the federal government or the DOD must be compliant with DoDD 8750 regulations.

  • Outcome-based education

    What will happen in the future? In the long run, the government and industry alike will continue to emphasize performance-oriented and outcome-based education. 8140 is a powerful example of this particular trend. Governments and industry across the globe remain interested in making sure that people learn by experience.

  • Why Training Camp?

    Training Camp brings you the best in Information Security education. We provide internationally recognized certifications and educate thousands of security professionals annually. Partner with Training Camp to build a sustainable training and certification program that will meet the DoD requirements.

    Our government focused sales team has over 150 years of combined experience in working with government personnel.

    With both public and onsite training options for all levels, Training Camp will find the right solution for you. In addition to DoD 8570.1 compliance, you will have immediately applicable skills upon class completion.

  • Proven Results

    Assessments - From the begining of your initiative, we can review and assess your certification goals and individual learner requirements. We will work with you to scope the solution needed for success .

    Post training and testing - Our support does not end at the classroom. Our goal is 100% certification for your team using an optimal combination of all the educational modalities we can offer. With post-class mentoring and online support services, our experienced team gets the results you need.

    Tracking and reporting - Our team will provide ongoing project tracking and reporting on enrollment, responses, assessment results, and quality.

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