Get Skilled, Certified, and Back to Work Fast.

We built our training and certification programs from the ground up utilizing accelerated learning techniques that maximize learner retention while minimizing time-to-certification. Our instructors are trained to identify each student’s learning style and utilize varied teaching and assessment techniques that deliver a student-centric learning approach. Death by Powerpoint? Not at Training Camp. While many of our courses extend beyond the traditional “9 to 5” format, students remain engaged by each day’s mix of lecture, hands-on lab, and exam review sessions. Learn the theory, apply it in a real-world scenario, then translate your knowledge into exam success.

20 Years of Training Camp

Twenty years. More than a few logos. Countless website designs. Over a hundred thousand students certified. You, our student, our customer, our focus, have been great to us. We are happy to have been a part of your success, because we know you are the sole reason for ours. Happy 20th Anniversary, to us, and from us. We look forward to what the future holds for all of us.

Why Training Camp? Results.

Most training companies commission their employees on income. Training Camp incentivizes our team members on outcomes: customer reviews, certification rates, and repeat business. From enrollment and pre-class support, to responding to each customer’s unique needs during their time with us, we strive to minimize outside distractions so that students can focus on their primary objectives: get skilled, and get certified.

Industry, Media, and Partner Recognition

Training Camp’s innovative courses, executive leadership, technology thought leaders, and social responsibility initiatives have been featured by national media including MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg (to name a few). In addition to the dozens and dozens of awards we have won over the years, this year we were recognized as both (ISC)2 Partner of the Year and EC-Council ATC of the Year.

Experiential learning, with a personality.

Face it, certification makes training stressful: Volumes of complex technical concepts, long days, the inevitable stress of having to take an examination that either your supervisor expects you to pass or that you need to advance your career. Stress floods the human body with the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol impairs cognitive function. Impaired cognitive function results in high-tension classes that produce disappointed students. To keep students engaged and in “learning mode,” we approach technology education a little differently. Our recipe? One cup knowledge, two tablespoons of humor, and a few pints of certification success.

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