Private Team Training

We are willing to travel, when you aren’t. Secure your team’s skills development and save up to 40% with Private Team Training.

Invest in your team

A well-trained team is your most important investment towards success. Onsite training enables everyone to stay on-task, avoid fatigue, and collaborate in a familiar environment.

Our classes, your location

Our private, customizable training courses are available to you and your team at a location anywhere in the world. Our Enterprise Solutions team can work with you to pinpoint your specifications and quickly create a targeted solution that meets your budget and schedule.

For your added convenience, we also can offer on-site testing for many popular vendor neutral and vendor specific certifications through our partnerships with leading exam providers.

Industry-Leading Certifications
Industry-Leading Certifications
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The most valuable certifications today

Every profession requires specialized skills. Adding certifications to your business is a critical component of success. A recent study conducted by IDC found that certified professionals outperformed non-certified staff in factors such as knowledge, job performance, reliability and proficiency.
Our portfolio of highly-respected certifications cover a wide range of experience and skill levels. Our team is here to help recommend the right credentials and training for your employees. With the ideal credential and training solution, we can help your employees validate their expertise, and help your organization prove credibility to partners and clients.
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We deliver when off-the-shelf just isn't an option.

Training Camp utilizes cutting edge tools and techniques to provide custom learning solutions designed to meet each client's unique goals and objectives. Utilizing our trademarked "ideas" methodology, our program design team can adeptly:

Identify your requirements

Develop your custom program

Educate program participants through a mix of classroom, virtual, and self-paced instruction

Assess participant outcomes via certification reporting or skills analysis

Support organizational next actions.

We have a proven track record and the confidence that no matter what industry you are in, we have the tools and the experience necessary to customize the ideal solution to effectively train your employees.

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We offer a bridge between self-paced and live classroom training.

We believe that mentored learning offers the right balance between self-paced courses and classroom-based courses. It offers students a personalized learning experience. It allows them to learn at their own speed, at their level and at their convenience. And it ensures that they have access to an experienced instructor who can guide them through the learning process. Learning doesn't end in the classroom. For a smooth transition and complete knowledge transfer, Training Camp offers Project Mentoring before, during, and after training engagements.
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We Help Get Your Employees Onboard.

Employee Onboarding training is the process of getting learners up to speed with their new responsibilities and familiar with company culture, from new hire training to new leader training and beyond. Like any training program, onboarding training is a journey, not an event. Successful onboarding training connects with new employees to increase their productivity and efficiency while enriching the whole workforce.

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