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CompTIA PenTest+ is for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management.

PenTest+ Certification Boot Camp

Our 5-day CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Boot Camp covers the most up-to-date penetration testing and vulnerability assessment necessary to determine the resiliency of networks against attacks. This pentest course also covers the management skills used to plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just exploit them.

PenTest+ certification is unique because it requires a candidate to demonstrate the hands-on ability and knowledge to test devices in new environments such as the cloud and mobile, in addition to traditional desktops and server


We offer your best chance to get certified. Period. We strive to deliver 100% pass rates during each and every event. For over 20 years, we have won more awards and certified more CompTIA certification holders than any other company, worldwide. This is why we are the highest rated CompTIA Platinum Partner in the market.

PenTest+ skills are in demand

CompTIA PenTest+ assesses the most up-to-date penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment and management skills necessary to determine the resiliency of the network against attacks.


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Exams Covered

PT0-001 PenTest+

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training features

  • Award Winning PenTest+ Courseware

  • PenTest+ Lab/Exam Prep Review Sessions

  • Take Official CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Through Us

  • PenTest+ Exam Pass Guarantee

  • Practice Labs (12-Month Access)

  • Featured on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Reuters

  • 94% Student Satisfaction Rate

Award-Winning CompTIA Platinum Partner

Training Camp is a CompTIA Platinum Partner, the highest level of CompTIA partnership. This elite status gives us the advantage of direct access to the latest updates on the CompTIA PenTest+ exam and a stamp of approval for potential clients on the quality training we provide.

  • CompTIA PenTest+ Exam Experts

    Our instructors are well-versed in accelerated learning concepts and exam preparation. During our PenTest+ boot camp, the experience of working with thousands of exam takers give our team unique insight into the learning requirements needed for success.

  • Award Winning CompTIA PenTest+ Courseware

    Our courseware keeps immediate pace with advancements in exam content by incorporating feedback from our thousands of CompTIA certified alumni students. They are reviewed every 30 days to ensure all information reflects the most current updates. Relying on traditional books or externally sourced materials do not offer this advantage.

  • PenTest+ Lab/Exam Prep Review Sessions

    Our accelerated CompTIA PenTest+ training includes next-gen educational content covered in value-added evening review sessions with updated practice exam review drills - representative of the actual exam and lab sim questions delivered during the official CompTIA PenTest+ certification exams.

  • PenTest+ Practice Labs (12-Month Access)

    Available 24/7 through the Internet, this dedicated access helps start the hands-on learning process without the need to spend significant amounts of money on your own equipment to prepare for CompTIA PenTest+ certification.

  • PenTest+ Exam Pass Guarantee

    When you decide to take one of our courses, you are placing trust in us. Our Exam Pass Guarantee was designed to help you reach your goal to pass the certification exam. If you do not pass the certification exam, you may retake this program live or online and/or enroll in our mentoring program at no additional cost.

Planning and Scoping Penetration Tests

  • Introduction to Penetration Testing Concepts
  • Plan a Pen Test Engagement
  • Scope and Negotiate a Pen Test Engagement
  • Prepare for a Pen Test Engagement

Conducting Passive Reconnaissance

  • Gather Background Information
  • Prepare Background Findings for Next Steps

Performing Non-Technical Tests

  • Perform Social Engineering Tests
  • Perform Physical Security Tests on Facilities

Conducting Active Reconnaissance

  • Scan Networks
  • Enumerate Targets
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Analyze Basic Scripts

Analyzing Vulnerabilities

  • Analyze Vulnerability Scan Results
  • Leverage Information to Prepare for Exploitation

Penetrating Networks

  • Exploit Network-Based Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit Wireless and RF-Based Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit Specialized Systems

Exploiting Host-Based Vulnerabilities

  • Exploit Windows-Based Vulnerabilities
  • Exploit *nix-Based Vulnerabilities

Testing Applications

  • Exploit Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Test Source Code and Compiled Apps

Completing Post-Exploit Tasks

  • Use Lateral Movement Techniques
  • Use Persistence Techniques
  • Use Anti-Forensics Techniques

Analyzing and Reporting Pen Test Results

  • Analyze Pen Test Data
  • Develop Recommendations for Mitigation Strategies
  • Write and Handle Reports
  • Conduct Post-Report-Delivery Activities

PT0-001: PenTest+ Exam

  • PenTest+ Certification Overview
  • PenTest+ Exam Structure
  • Exam Registration Process
  • Time Management
  • Topics and Concepts
  • PenTest+ Certification Question Structure
  • Vendor Interpretation Techniques 

1. CompTIA PenTest+ is uniquely comprehensive.

Unlike many penetration testing certifications, CompTIA PenTest+ covers everything a penetration tester needs to know, from project planning to final reporting. The exam contains both multiple-choice and performance-based questions, validating hands-on cybersecurity skills.

2. CompTIA PenTest+ exam was created by working professionals who know the ropes.

CompTIA exams are created by cybersecurity practitioners from across the globe. These experts have many years of hands-on work experience that makes them ideal to contribute to exam material. CompTIA SMEs come from a variety of professional backgrounds and apply the certification concepts daily.

3. CompTIA PenTest+ assesses an important cybersecurity strategy.

In addition to safe practices, cybersecurity pros must understand attack strategy. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) tests defensive skills, while CompTIA PenTest+ encourages IT pros to think offensively. The best security experts use both perspectives to defend against vulnerabilities. Thinking in the mindset of a penetration tester and a hacker helps companies uncover blind spots.

4. We need more penetration testers.

The SMEs agreed that companies do not have enough skilled professionals to keep up with increasing project demand. Cyberseek.org reports 10,929 open jobs for penetration and vulnerability testers in the United States, and CompTIA PenTest+ can help IT pros move up in their career and attain the skills that employers need.

5. CompTIA PenTest+ forms stronger teams

Cybersecurity is a pressing issue for many industries, but few teams have the skills necessary to defend IT systems. According to CompTIA’s Assessing the IT Skills Gap report, 96 percent of IT and business executives agree that too many workers lack advanced skills, including problem-solving, analysis and logical thinking.

CompTIA PenTest+ is for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management.  The jobs roles of most CompTIA PenTest+ credential holders are  Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Testers, Security Analyst, Vulnerability Assessment Analyst, Network Security Operations, and Application Security Vulnerability.



PT0-001 PenTest+


165 minutes


Maximum of 85 performance-based and multiple-choice questions

Skills measured:

  • Planning and Scoping 15%
  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification 22%
  • Attacks and Exploits 30%
  • Penetration Testing Tools 17%
  • Reporting and Communication 16%

While our Training Camp boot camps were developed with the expectation that students do not have enough time to complete a rigorous self-study syllabus prior to attending class, we offer students that feel that extra preparation would be helpful a targeted list of self-study objectives that can be completed.

Candidates for this certification should have Network+, Security+ or equivalent knowledge. Minimum of 3-4 years of hands-on information security or related experience. While there is no required prerequisite, PenTest+ is intended to follow CompTIA Security+ or equivalent experience and has a technical, hands-on focus.

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Great experience, would recommend to anyone who is looking to do accelerated pentest learning!
Monica Hanson USAF
Excellent course, with an engaging and high energy instructor who really brought the Pentest+ to life.
Miles Schwartz Noble
I highly recommend Training Camp to anyone in need of professionally delivered Pentest training at this pace.
Dwight Curry Boise C
Long hours you will not forget and at the end......Pentest+ certification!
Les Shepard CACI
The Pentest+ course and instructor were great and kept me fully motivated and engaged throughout the five days. I would highly recommend the boot camp way of learning.
Arnold Conner Marriott
The certified ethical hacker solution provided made a real difference for our team success. Top-notch support from start to finish.
Edward K VISA
Eric Beasley was an excellent teacher for the CEH bootcamp I attended. I really enjoyed the CEH Bootcamp with him at the Training Camp facility.
Mark Conover Northrop Grumman
Although the course material is tough and sometimes seems daunting, the instructors are effective in getting through it.
Daniel Y
01 08