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Learn the skills to protect your network from cyber attacks

CND Certification Boot Camp

Our Official EC-Council CND Certification Boot Camp is a comprehensive review of network defense & industry best practices merged with Training Camp’s award-winning comprehensive exam preparation for the CND exam.

Our CND Boot Camp represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of instructional design, thousands of hours of exam-focused instruction, and tens of thousands of efficiently and effectively skilled, certified students.

Why Choose Training Camp, Award-Winning EC-Council Partner?

We offer your best chance to get certified. Period. We strive to deliver 100% pass rates during each and every event we run. For over 20 years, we have won more awards and certified more EC-Council CND credential holders than any other company, worldwide.

What is our CND Exam Pass Guarantee?

When you decide to take one of our courses, you are placing trust in us. Our Exam Pass Guarantee was designed to help you reach your goal to pass the certification exam. If you do not pass the certification exam, you may retake this program live or online and/or enroll in our mentoring program at no additional cost.


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Official EC-Council Training Provider Exclusive Features

Official EC-Council CND Courseware
Official EC-Council CND Exam Voucher
Official EC-Council Authorized CND Instructor
Official EC-Council Practice Test Questions

Training Camp Exclusive Features

EC-Council CND Exam Pass Guarantee
CompTIA Approved CND Exam Review Guide
EC-Council CND Exam Review Sessions
Live Online Post Class Review Sessions
EC-Council CND Exam Delivery Support
CPE/CEU Post Class Package

Training Camp accepts GI Bill®

Training Camp is approved by the PA State Board of Post Secondary Education and the US Department of Veterans Affairs to accept these education benefits for select certification programs, both Live Online and In-Person.

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CND Training Camp

training features

  • Award Winning CND Courseware

  • CND Lab/Exam Prep Review Sessions

  • Take Official EC-Council Exams Through Us


  • Featured on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Reuters

  • 98% Student Satisfaction Rate

EC-Council CND Certification Training Boot Camp

Chosen from over 700 training centers, 107 countries and a wide range of EC-Council certified instructors, Training Camp proved its distinction in picking up the Enterprise Training Center of the Year award for the last 3 years, and numerous Instructor Circle of Excellence awards. Training Camp has met the extensive and rigorous criterion EC-Council have in place to be awarded as the best of the best in both of these categories.

  • EC-Council CND Exam Experts

    Our instructors are well-versed in accelerated learning concepts and exam preparation. During our CND boot camp, the experience of working with thousands of exam takers give our team unique insight into the learning requirements needed for success.

  • Award Winning EC-Council CND Courseware

    Our courseware keeps immediate pace with advancements in exam content by incorporating feedback from our thousands of EC-Council certified alumni students. They are reviewed every 30 days to ensure all information reflects the most current updates. Relying on traditional books or externally sourced materials do not offer this advantage.

  • CND Evening Review & Official Practice Labs

    Our course includes value-added evening review sessions covering 100% up-to-date materials on the lastest version of the CND exam. We also feature Official iLab practice labs with unique practice scenarios, covering all of the CND domains. These labs are only offering with Official EC-Council training and representative of the actual exam questions from EC-Council.

  • Exam Pass Guarantee

    When you decide to take one of our courses, you are placing trust in us. Our Exam Pass Guarantee was designed to help you reach your goal to pass the certification exam. If you do not pass the certification exam, you may retake this program live or online and/or enroll in our mentoring program at no additional cost.

Certified Network Defender Certification Boot Camp Outline

Official EC-Council courseware covers a broad spectrum of topics required for the Certified Network Defender. Our courses are boosted with Training Camp’s exam prep guide so your course content will always be up-to-date with the most current version of the exam.

Computer Network Defense Fundamentals

Network Fundamentals
Network Components
TCP/IP Networking Basics
TCP/IP Protocol Stack
IP Addressing
Computer Network Defense (CND)
CND Triad
CND Process
CND Actions
CND Approaches

Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks

Essential Terminologies
Network Security Concerns
Network Security Vulnerabilities
Network Reconnaissance Attacks
Network Access Attacks
Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack (DDoS)
Malware Attacks

Network Security Controls, Protocols, and Devices

Fundamental Elements of Network Security
Network Security Controls
User Identification, Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting
Types of Authorisation Systems
Authorisation Principles
Security Policy
Network Security Devices
Network Security Protocols

Network Security Policy Design and Implementation

What is Security Policy?
Internet Access Policies
Acceptable-Use Policy
User-Account Policy
Remote-Access Policy
Information-Protection Policy
Firewall-Management Policy
Special-Access Policy
Network-Connection Policy
Business-Partner Policy
Email Security Policy
Passwords Policy
Physical Security Policy
Information System Security Policy
Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Policy
Software/Application Security Policy
Data Backup Policy
Confidential Data Policy
Data Classification Policy
Internet Usage Policies
Server Policy
Wireless Network Policy
Incidence Response Plan (IRP)
User Access Control Policy
Switch Security Policy
Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) Policy
Personal Device Usage Policy
Encryption Policy
Router Policy
Security Policy Training and Awareness
ISO Information Security Standards
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Information Security Acts: Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
Information Security Acts: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
Information Security Acts: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
Other Information Security Acts and Laws

Physical Security

Physical Security
Access Control Authentication Techniques
Physical Security Controls
Other Physical Security Measures
Workplace Security
Personnel Security: Managing Staff Hiring and Leaving Process
Laptop Security Tool: EXO5
Environmental Controls
Physical Security: Awareness /Training
Physical Security Checklists

Host Security

Host Security
OS Security
Linux Security
Securing Network Servers
Hardening Routers and Switches
Application/software Security
Data Security
Virtualisation Security

Secure Firewall Configuration and Management

Firewalls and Concerns
What Firewalls Does?
What should you not Ignore?: Firewall Limitations
How Does a Firewall Work?
Firewall Rules
Types of Firewalls
Firewall Technologies
Firewall Topologies
Firewall Rule Set & Policies
Firewall Implementation
Firewall Administration
Firewall Logging and Auditing
Firewall Anti-evasion Techniques
Why Firewalls are Bypassed?
Full Data Traffic Normalisation
Data Stream-based Inspection
Vulnerability-based Detection and Blocking
Firewall Security Recommendations and Best Practices
Firewall Security Auditing Tools

Secure IDS Configuration and Management

Intrusions and IDPS
Types of IDS Implementation
IDS Deployment Strategies
Types of IDS Alerts
IDPS Product Selection Considerations
IDS Counterparts

Secure VPN Configuration and Management

Understanding Virtual Private Network (VPN)
How VPN works?
Why to Establish VPN ?
VPN Components
VPN Concentrators
Types of VPN
VPN Categories
Selecting Appropriate VPN
VPN Core Functions
VPN Technologies
VPN Topologies
Common VPN Flaws
VPN Security
Quality Of Service and Performance in VPNs

Wireless Network Defense

Wireless Terminologies
Wireless Networks
Wireless Standard
Wireless Topologies
Typical Use of Wireless Networks
Components of Wireless Network
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) Encryption
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Encryption
WPA2 Encryption
WEP vs. WPA vs. WPA2
Wi-Fi Authentication Method
Wi-Fi Authentication Process Using a Centralised Authentication Server
Wireless Network Threats
Bluetooth Threats
Wireless Network Security
Wi-Fi Discovery Tools
Locating Rogue Access points
Protecting from Denial-of-Service Attacks: Interference
Assessing Wireless Network Security
Wi-Fi Security Auditing Tool: AirMagnet WiFi Analyser
WPA Security Assessment Tool
Wi-Fi Vulnerability Scanning Tools
Deploying Wireless IDS (WIDS) and Wireless IPS (WIPS)
Configuring Security on Wireless Routers
Additional Wireless Network Security Guidelines

Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis(Introduction)
Network Monitoring: Positioning your Machine at Appropriate Location
Network Traffic Signatures
Packet Sniffer: Wireshark
Detecting OS Fingerprinting Attempts
Detecting PING Sweep Attempt
Detecting ARP Sweep/ ARP Scan Attempt
Detecting TCP Scan Attempt
Detecting SYN/FIN DDOS Attempt
Detecting UDP Scan Attempt
Detecting Password Cracking Attempts
Detecting FTP Password Cracking Attempts
Detecting Sniffing (MITM) Attempts
Detecting the Mac Flooding Attempt
Detecting the ARP Poisoning Attempt
Additional Packet Sniffing Tools
Network Monitoring and Analysis
Bandwidth Monitoring

Network Risk and Vulnerability Management

What is Risk?
Risk Levels
Risk Matrix
Key Risk Indicators(KRI)
Risk Management Phase
Enterprise Network Risk Management
Vulnerability Management

Data Backup and Recovery

Introduction to Data Backup
RAID (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks) Technology
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Selecting Appropriate Backup Method
Choosing the Right Location for Backup
Backup Types
Conducting Recovery Drill Test
Data Recovery
Windows Data Recovery Tool
RAID Data Recovery Services
SAN Data Recovery Software
NAS Data Recovery Services

Network Incident Response and Management

Incident Handling and Response
Incident Response Team Members: Roles and Responsibilities
First Responder
Incident Handling and Response Process
Overview of IH&R Process Flow

CND Certification Requirements

CND is for those who work in the network administration/cybersecurity domain in the capacity of Network Administrator/Engineer, Network Security Administrator/Engineer/Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, Security Analyst, Network Defense Technician, Security Operator. CNDv2 is for all cybersecurity operations roles and anyone who looking to want to build their career in cybersecurity.

Certified Network Defender CND v2 Exam Details

CND Exam Cost: ECC exam voucher ($550)
CND Exam Duration: 4 hours
CND Exam Question Format: 100 multiple-choice questions
CND Exam Passing Grade: To ensure each exam has equal assessment standards, cut scores are set on a “per exam form” basis. Depending on which exam form is challenged, cut scores can range from 60% to 85%.

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Barb Johnson is an excellent instructor. Her depth and breadth of practical hands-on knowledge and experience in the industry made training camp a rich and rewarding experience. The materials were concise and thorough.
Louis Romero Oracle
Dennis Lee is possibly the best training instructor I've ever had. You can see the genuine passion for teaching and passion for the materials he teaches.
JR Microsoft
The Training Camp provided a great training environment for my Security+ certification. Feeding me information and knowledge through a fire hose was exactly what was needed for my study style. I will definitely consider Training Camp in the future.
Luke Swearingen Harris
I was pleasantly surprised by Training Camp. The teacher was friendly and focused. The topic was presented in an easily understandable way. They have a high success rate. What else is there to say except thank you!
Andrew Horan
I personally love the experience. For me, this is the best way for me to get away and actually do nothing but study and work. This is why I choose to come here over self study. No distraction.
Frank DiGiovanni West Morris Regional
Although the course material is tough and sometimes seems daunting the instructors are effective in getting through it. The lectures seem to flow very well and not be to overwhelming. I and all my classmates were extremely happy.
Daniel Y UPS
Great experience! Great instructors with great knowledge to transfer to people!
Jacob T
I recommend taking this boot camp with Training Camp. The instructor was excellent, answered any questions that came up, discussed the topics thoroughly and was clear about the subject matter we were to cover.
HS U.S. Army
I was very impressed with the expertise of and the hands-on access to my instructor, Rob Masterson. He was very generous with his time, willing to meet in person or via phone/text. He just went all out to help us. Thanks to Rob, I passed my MS 70_698
T McClelland MainSpring, Inc.
Although the course material is tough and sometimes seems daunting, the instructors are effective in getting through it.
Daniel Y
01 010