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In an effort to assist service members with obtaining industry certifications and licenses relative to their Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC), the Air Force now offers a pathway to credentialing. For service members working in specialized career fields, obtaining a professional certification assist with promotion and can open doors to immediate employment upon leaving the armed services.

Industry-recognized credentials are a great way for airmen to bolster their Air Force careers and prepare for their eventual transition to civilian employment as they retire or separate from the Air Force.

Basic Airmen Eligibility Criteria

The AF COOL is a Total Force Enlisted program. It includes all enlisted AFSCs for RegAF, AFRES, and ANG. Funding will be provided for RegAF, AFRES, and ANG members on Title 10 or Title 32 (502F) active duty orders. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per Airman.

How do I submit a request for funding in order to pursue a credential?

The first step would be to access the AF COOL website from the AFVEC. After entering AF COOL, the Airman can research the credentials of interest and submit funding request to the Airman’s supervisor.

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