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Understanding Azure AZ-104

Before we dive into your readiness, let’s briefly outline what the AZ-104 certification entails:

1. Azure Administration Skills: AZ-104 focuses on your ability to manage Azure resources effectively. It covers a broad range of topics, including identity and access management, virtual machines, networking, storage, monitoring, and more.

2. Prerequisites: While there are no official prerequisites for the AZ-104 exam, having some prior experience with Azure services and a foundational understanding of cloud concepts can be advantageous.

3. Hands-On Experience: AZ-104 emphasizes practical skills. It’s not just about theoretical knowledge; you need hands-on experience working with Azure services to succeed.

Assessing Your Readiness

Now, let’s evaluate your readiness for the AZ-104 certification:

1. Azure Knowledge

  • Do you have a solid understanding of Azure services, their purpose, and how they fit into the Azure ecosystem?
  • Can you differentiate between Azure virtual machines, storage options, networking components, and security features?
  • Are you familiar with Azure’s pricing models and cost management strategies?

2. Hands-On Experience

  • Have you worked with Azure services in a real-world setting, such as creating and managing virtual machines, configuring virtual networks, and implementing Azure security solutions?
  • Are you comfortable using Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI for various administrative tasks?
  • Have you practiced setting up Azure resources based on specific requirements and constraints?

3. Exam Objectives

  • Are you aware of the specific topics covered in the AZ-104 exam, including identity and access management, virtual machines, networking, storage, and monitoring?
  • Have you reviewed Microsoft’s official exam objectives and documentation to ensure you’re aligned with what’s expected?
  • Do you have a study plan in place, and have you covered all the key exam objectives?
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