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WEBINAR – Linux: The ultimate IT worker’s toolkit

Published by Mike McNelis on May 25, 2022

Linux: The ultimate IT worker’s toolkit

When: July 20, 2022 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour
Webinar Registration link:

Linux has been around for decades, now. Unlike many technologies, as this operating system has aged, it has become ever-more critical to our lives. Linux has become the operating system that drives virtually every major technology we use today. From IoT to mobile phones, from Zoom to Google, from data centers to the cloud, and from the Web to security analytics, Linux is everywhere. Therefore, it is ever-more critical to an IT worker’s skillset.

Join CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, James Stanger, to learn more about how Linux is used today. James will show you how Linux is used in various job roles, including systems administrator, help desk technician, security analyst, pen tester, and more. James will show a few ways to navigate the command line, and what a Linux system looks like. If you’re interested in seeing how Linux is used by IT pros around the world, then register now.

In this discussion with James, you will learn:

• Why the world has embraced Linux
• Ways that Linux is used in various job roles
• How to navigate the command line
• Ways to get started learning Linux

After attending this event, you will receive a discount code for our 5-day Linux+ Boot Camp.

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Mike McNelis
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