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Our CIPM Certification Boot Camp courses will train you to develop the skills to become a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) – the world’s first and only privacy program management certification.

CIPM Certification – Course Outline

With Training Camp’s exam prep guide your course content will always be up-to-date with the most current version of the exam. This mix of courseware offers an in-depth review and offers the advantage of Training Camp exam performance boosters.

Introduction to privacy program management

Identifies privacy program management responsibilities and describes the role of accountability in privacy program management.

Privacy governance

Defines and differentiates between types of data-including personal, anonymous, pseudo-anonymous and special categories.

Applicable laws and regulations

Discusses the regulatory environment, common elements across jurisdictions and strategies for aligning compliance with organizational strategy.

Data assessments

Relates practical processes for creating and using data inventories/maps, gap analyses, privacy assessments, privacy impact assessments/data protection impact assessments and vendor assessments.


Describes common types of privacy-related policies, outlines components and offers strategies for implementation.

Data subject rights

Discusses operational considerations for communicating and ensuring data subject rights, including privacy notice, choice and consent, access and rectification, data portability, and erasure and the right to be forgotten.

Training and awareness

Outlines strategies for developing and implementing privacy training and awareness programs.

Protecting personal information

Examines a holistic approach to protecting personal information through privacy by design.

Data breach incident plans

Provides guidance on planning for and responding to a data security incident or breach.

Measuring, monitoring and auditing program performance

Relates common practices for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and auditing privacy program performance.

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