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EC-Council Official CEH Certification Boot Camp

Our 5 Day EC-Council Official CEH Certification Program is the original “CEH Boot Camp” geared towards preparing students to pass the rigorous 4-hour 312-50 CEH examination. Our certification boot camp represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of instructional design, thousands of hours of exam-focused instruction, and tens of thousands of efficiently and effectively skilled, certified students.

Why Choose Training Camp, EC-Council’s Partner of the Year?

We offer your best chance to get certified. Period. Training Camp has been awarded EC-Council Partner of the Year for the last 3 years, a reflection of our continued dedication to delivering excellence and quality across our full range of accelerated EC-Council courses. Since 2001, we have won more awards and certified more CEHs than any other company, worldwide.

CEH Certification Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t pass your exam on the first attempt, get a second attempt for free. Includes the ability to re-sit the course for free for up to one year.  In our experience, students that are not stressed with the financial burden of having to potentially pay for a second exam are much more likely to pass the first time.

Our course is updated no less than twice per month.  The benefit of being the volume leader in CEH certification training is that we receive so much more post-class student feedback than any other provider.  This feedback allows us to continually fine tune the material covered during the course.

The answer depends on your definition of better.  If you are highly motivated and are able to login to a live/online virtual course in a distraction-free environment, the travel time and cost savings can be worth it.  If, however, you would benefit from being removed from home or work distractions, then a classroom course will be the better choice.

Other providers like to mix virtual and in-classroom students, since it makes each class more profitable.  In our experience, this mixed environment creates unnecessary distraction yielding poor CEH certification results.  Our virtual and physical classes are never two versions of the same event.

Our courseware includes pre-class study material that is available immediately after registration.  We will ship the actual courseware used during the CEH bootcamp should a student request it.

Our CEH Training Camps were built from the ground up as 'outcome-based' programs.  The exam serves as an excellent motivator to keep students engaged during our intensive programs.  Should, however, a student wish to delay taking the CEH exam, we can make arrangements to reschedule the test, subject to any restrictions or charges by EC-Council.

All CEH training camp instructors are both CEH certified AND endorsed by EC-Council.  Our recruiting and hiring requirements are the strictest in the industry, since our programs utilize accelerated and adult learning methodologies. Our team is staffed with numerous EC-Council Instructor of the Year & Circle of Excellence Award Winners.

Students in our physical classroom courses should be prepared for 10 hour days M-F, with a shorter day of exam-focused review on Friday before the exam.  Our virtual courses are scheduled to accommodate a more traditional classroom schedule - while the instructors are available for the extra time for students that would like to receive the extra review.

While these are great programs to educate students on the 20 domains of the CEH certification, neither the courseware nor instruction/instructors are explicitly aimed at preparing students to pass the CEH examination. We build our CEH certification programs from the ground up utilizing accelerated learning techniques that maximize learner retention while minimizing time-to-certification.

Training Camp includes CEH exam vouchers in the price of our classroom boot camp courses.  Unlike grey market companies, we purchase these vouchers directly from EC-Council.  Students, unless they request otherwise, take the computer-based exam on the last day (day 5) of our CEH Training Camp.

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