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EC-Council CPENT Boot Camp


5 Days

Official EC-Council CPENT Exam Prep Boot Camp

Award Winning EC-Council Enterprise Partner

EC-Council CPENT Exam Pass Guaranteed

Our EC-Council Certified Penetration Testing Professional Certification Boot Camp is a comprehensive review of penetration testing in an enterprise network environment, combined with our award-winning CPENT exam preparation.

The CPENT is the next step after earning the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification. The CPENT is a pen test course that builds upon the knowledge of a CEH professional by further exploring the CEH modules and applying these subject areas to existing pen test methodologies.

The heart of the CPENT program is all about helping you master your pen testing skills by putting them to use on EC-Council live cyber ranges. The CPENT ranges were designed to be dynamic in order to give you a real-world training program, so just as targets and technology continue to change in live networks, both the CPENT practice and exam ranges will mimic this reality as the EC-Council team of engineers continue to add targets and defenses throughout the CPENT course’s lifetime.

  • 100% mapped with the NICE framework.
  • 100% methodology-based penetration testing program.
  • Blends both manual and automated penetration testing approaches.
  • Designed with the most common penetration testing practices offered by the best service providers.
  • Maps to all major Job Portals. Role Title: Penetration Tester and Security Analyst.
  • Provides strong reporting writing guidance.
  • Gives a real-world experience through an Advanced Penetration Testing Range.
  • Provides candidates with standard Pen test for use in the field.

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We are proud to offer a wide range of courses aimed at getting our customers skilled, certified, and back to work fast.

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We can accommodate group training packages for as few as five to as many as thousands of team members spread across the globe.

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Our program combines EC-Council CPENT Official Courseware and our EC-Council CPENT courseware, which keeps immediate pace with advancements in exam content by incorporating feedback from our thousands of CEH certified alumni students. They are reviewed every 30 days to ensure all information reflects the most current updates. Relying on traditional books or externally sourced materials do not offer this advantage.

CPENT is a fully online, remotely proctored practical exam that challenges candidates through a grueling 24-hour performance-based, hands-on exam. The exam is broken into 2 practical exams of 12-hours each that will test your perseverance and focus by forcing you to outdo yourself with each new challenge. Candidates have the option to choose either 2 12-hour exams or one 24-hour exam.

Candidates who score more than 70% will earn the CPENT certification. Candidates who score more than 90% attain the prestigious LPT (Master) credential!


  • Choose your challenge! Either two 12-Hour sessions or a single 24-Hour exam!
  • EC-Council specialists proctor the entire exam – Validity is not in question.
  • Score at least 70% and become a CPENT
  • Score at least 90% and earn the highly regarded LPT (Master) designation!

We utilize Authorized EC-Council instructors who are Subject Matter Experts well-versed in accelerated learning and exam preparation during our EC-Council CPENT boot camp. Their delivery accommodates every student’s learning needs through individualized instruction, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

Our accelerated EC-Council CPENT training includes next-gen educational content covered in value-added evening review sessions with updated practice exam review drills – representative of the actual exam and lab sim questions delivered during your official EC-Council CPENT certification exam.

Upon completion of the course, students are offered to attend (as many times as desired) our ongoing live, online full-day exam preparation review sessions prior to taking the examination. We are so confident in our course, we offer the industry’s best guarantee.

Our exam support team will help you get ready for your EC-Council CPENT certification training. From exam registration, to understanding all the steps needed for certification, they will answer any questions you make have to make sure you are building momentum towards EC-Council CPENT certification success.

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Introduction to Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Social Engineering Penetration Testing
Network Penetration Testing – External
Network Penetration Testing– Internal
Network Penetration Testing – Perimeter Devices
Web Application Penetration Testing
Wireless Penetration Testing
IoT Penetration Testing
OT/SCADA Penetration Testing
Cloud Penetration Testing
Binary Analysis and Exploitation
Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

  • Exam Structure
  • Exam Registration Process
  • Time Management
  • Topics and Concepts
  • Certification Question Structure
  • Vendor Interpretation Techniques
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Amanda Carter


The Certified Ethical Hacker training program provided by Training Camp was very enjoyable, useful and extremely worthwhile. for our team.

Nate Rocha

US Govt

Took CISSP and CEH with Training Camp and I owe part of my success to their course and instructor expertise.

Christo Roberts


Training Camp was exactly what I needed to get my CISSP. It was so intimidating at first but they got me across the finish line after a 1-week boot camp with the test at the end.

Tammi Purdy

DG Solutions

If it wasn’t for Training Camp I would not have gotten my CISSP. I loved their program!

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