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Get Azure DevOps Certified, Fast

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Boot Camp

Our Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Certification Boot Camp is a comprehensive review of Azure DevOps combined with our award-winning Azure AZ-400 exam preparation.

This expert-level DevOps certification validates your skills in designing a DevOps strategy, implementing DevOps development processes, continuous integration, and delivery. It also measures your abilities in implementing dependency management, application infrastructure, and continuous feedback.


On the first attempt, if you don’t pass your exam, get a second attempt for free. Includes the ability for up to one year to re-sit the course for free. Students who are not overwhelmed with the economic burden of having to pay for a second test are much more likely to pass the AZ-400 exam on the first attempt in our experience.

Why Training Camp for Azure certification?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Training Camp has successfully delivered hands-on, Microsoft training for Microsoft Certification since 1999. We enable you to test real-world scenarios in which Azure would be part of a production solution, allowing you to hit the ground running when you return.

What’s Included

Microsoft Official Courseware (electronic format)
Microsoft Official Practice Tests
24/7 Online Microsoft Practice Labs
AZ-400 Exam Prep Review Sessions
1 Microsoft Exam Voucher
Exam Pass Guarantee

Exam Covered

AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

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Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Outline

Planning for DevOps

Transformation Planning
Project Selection
Team Structures
Migrating to Azure DevOps
Lab : Agile Planning and Portfolio Management with Azure Boards

Getting started with Source Control

What is Source Control
Benefits of Source Control
Types of Source Control Systems
Introduction to Azure Repos
Introduction to GitHub
Migrating from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to Git in Azure Repos
Authenticating to Git in Azure Repos
Lab : Version Controlling with Git

Scaling Git for enterprise DevOps

How to Structure your Git Repo
Git Branching Workflows
Collaborating with Pull Requests in Azure Repos
Why care about GitHooks
Fostering Inner Source
Lab : Code Review with Pull Requests

Consolidating Artifacts & Designing a Dependency Management Strategy

Packaging Dependencies
Package Management
Migrating and Consolidating Artifacts
Lab : Updating Packages

Implementing Continuous Integration with Azure Pipelines

The concept of pipelines in DevOps
Azure Pipelines
Evaluate use of Hosted vs Private Agents
Agent Pools
Pipelines and Concurrency
Azure DevOps and Open Source Projects (Public Projects)
Azure Pipelines YAML vs Visual Designer
Continuous Integration Overview
Implementing a Build Strategy
Integration with Azure Pipelines
Integrate External Source Control with Azure Pipelines
Set Up Private Agents
Analyze and Integrate Docker Multi-Stage Builds
Lab : Enabling Continuous Integration with Azure Pipelines
Lab : Integrating External Source Control with Azure Pipelines
Lab : Integrate Jenkins with Azure Pipelines
Lab : Deploying a Multi-Container Application

Managing Application Config and Secrets

Introduction to Security
Implement secure and compliant development process
Rethinking application config data
Manage secrets, tokens, and certificates
Implement tools for managing security and compliance in a pipeline
Lab : Integrating Azure Key Vault with Azure DevOps

Managing Code Quality and Security Policies

Managing Code Quality
Managing Security Policies
Lab : Managing Technical Debt with Azure DevOps and SonarCloud

Implementing a Container Build Strategy

Implementing a Container Build Strategy
Lab : Modernizing Existing ASP.NET Apps with Azure

Manage Artifact versioning, security & compliance

Package security
Open source software
Integrating license and vulnerability scans
Implement a versioning strategy (git version)
Lab : Manage Open Source Security and License with WhiteSource

Design a Release Strategy

Introduction to Continuous Delivery
Release strategy recommendations
Building a High-Quality Release pipeline
Choosing a deployment pattern
Choosing the right release management tool
Set up a Release Management Workflow
Create a Release Pipeline
Provision and Configure Environments
Manage and Modularize Tasks and Templates
Integrate Secrets with the release pipeline
Configure Automated Integration and Functional Test Automation
Automate Inspection of Health
Lab : Configuring Pipelines as Code with YAML
Lab : Setting up secrets in the pipeline with Azure Key vault
Lab : Setting up and Running Functional Tests
Lab : Using Azure Monitor as release gate
Lab : Creating a release Dashboard

Implement an appropriate deployment pattern

Introduction to Deployment Patterns
Implement Blue Green Deployment
Feature Toggles
Canary Releases
Dark Launching
AB Testing
Progressive Exposure Deployment
Lab : Feature Flag Management with LaunchDarkly and Azure DevOps

Implement process for routing system feedback to development teams

Implement Tools to Track System Usage, Feature Usage, and Flow
Implement Routing for Mobile Application Crash Report Data
Develop Monitoring and Status Dashboards
Integrate and Configure Ticketing Systems
Lab : Monitoring Application Performance

Infrastructure and Configuration Azure Tools

Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management
Create Azure Resources using ARM Templates
Create Azure Resources using Azure CLI
Create Azure Resources by using Azure PowerShell
Desired State Configuration (DSC)
Azure Automation with DevOps
Additional Automation Tools
Lab : Azure Deployments using Resource Manager Templates

Azure Deployment Models and Services

Deployment Modules and Options
Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Services
Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services
Serverless and HPC Computer Services
Azure Service Fabric
Lab : Azure Automation – IaaS or PaaS deployment

Create and Manage Kubernetes Service Infrastructure

Azure Kubernetes Service
Lab : Deploying a multi-container application to Azure Kubernetes Service

Third Party Infrastructure as Code Tools available with Azure

Lab : Infrastructure as Code
Lab : Automating Your Infrastructure Deployments in the Cloud with Terraform and Azure Pipelines

Implement Compliance and Security in your Infrastructure

Security and Compliance Principles with DevOps
Azure security Center
Lab : Implement Security and Compliance in an Azure DevOps Pipeline

Recommend and design system feedback mechanisms

The inner loop
Continuous Experimentation mindset
Design practices to measure end-user satisfaction
Design processes to capture and analyze user feedback
Design process to automate application analytics
Lab : Integration between Azure DevOps and Teams

Optimize feedback mechanisms

Site Reliability Engineering
Analyze telemetry to establish a baseline
Perform ongoing tuning to reduce meaningless or non-actionable alerts
Analyze alerts to establish a baseline
Blameless Retrospectives and a Just Culture

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert prerequisites

Students should have fundamental knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles. It would be helpful to have experience in an organization that delivers software.

It is recommended that you have experience working in an IDE, as well as some knowledge of the Azure portal. However, students who may not have a technical background in these technologies, but who are curious about DevOps practices as a culture shift, should be able to follow the procedural and expository explanations of continuous integration regardless.

Who Should Attend

Students in this course are interested in implementing DevOps processes or in passing the DevOps Engineer Expert certification exam.

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    We chose Training Camp because we could not find any other provider that offered all the tools we needed in one program. The Azure training we received was exceptional.
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    Great course, passed AZ-900 on my first try
    Kattie Douglas Hoeger Inc
    Passed AZ-103 exam on first try! On to the next Azure cert.
    Jimmy Peck NWCC
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    The Azure boot camp was a great experience. You all have something special and it’s really nice to see how much you care about my success.
    Aimee Walter ConocoPhillips
    I was not sure the online class was going to work for me, but Training Camp is the best! Microsoft Azure Administrator certified!
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    Thank you so much for your help. This Azure certification boot camp has completely surpassed our expectations
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