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Risk Management Framework (RMF) V2.0 for DoD/IC


4 Days

DoD/IC Focused RMF 2.0 Boot Camp

Learn the DoD/IC Authorization Process

(ISC)² CAP Exam Review Add-on

Our Risk Management Framework (RMF) V2.0 for DoD/IC Course is a 4-day comprehensive deep dive into the Risk Management Framework prescribed by NIST Standards, with a focus on how this is implemented within the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Communities (IC).

During this course, you will participate in scenario-based exercises to enhance understanding of the processes used for system authorization, including all of the elements of the Risk Management Framework. It is designed for employees and contractors in DoD and Intel agencies, and for any supporting vendors and service providers.

CAP Exam Bonus Content

This RMF training course will also help students review and refresh their knowledge and identify areas they need to study for the Certified Authorization Professional exam.


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Chapter 1: Introduction

RMF overview
DoD- and IC- Specific Guidelines
Key concepts including assurance, assessment, authorization
Security controls

Chapter 2: Cybersecurity Policy Regulations & Framework

Security laws, policy, and regulations
System Development Life Cycle (SLDC)
Documents for cyber security guidance

Chapter 3: RMF Roles and Responsibilities

Tasks and responsibilities for RMF roles

Chapter 4: Risk Analysis Process

Overview of risk management
Four-step risk management process
Tasks breakdown
Risk assessment reporting and options

Chapter 5: Step 1: Categorize

Step key references and overview
Sample SSP
Task 1-1: Security Categorization
Task 1-2: Information System Description
Task 1-3: Information System Registration
Lab: The Security Awareness Agency

Chapter 6: Step 2: Select

Step key references and overview
Task 2-1: Common Control Identification
Task 2-2: Select Security Controls
Task 2-3: Monitoring Strategy
Task 2-4: Security Plan Approval
Lab: Select Security Controls

Chapter 7: Step 3: Implement

Step key references and overview
Task 3-1: Security Control Implementation
Task 3.2: Security Control Documentation
Lab: Security Control Implementation

Chapter 8: Step 4: Assess

Step key references and overview
Task 4-1: Assessment Preparation
Task 4-2: Security Control Assessment
Task 4-3: Security Assessment Report
Task 4-4: Remediation Actions
Task 4-5: Final Assessment Report
Lab: Assessment Preparation

Chapter 9: Step 5: Authorize

Step key references and overview
Task 5-1: Plan of Action and Milestones
Task 5-2: Security Authorization Package
Task 5-3: Risk Determination
Task 5-4: Risk Acceptance
DoD Considerations
Lab Step 5: Authorize Information Systems

Chapter 10: Step 6: Monitor

Step key references and overview
Task 6-1: Information System & Environment Changes
Task 6-2: Ongoing Security Control Assessments
Task 6-3: Ongoing Remediation Actions
Task 6-4: Key Updates
Task 6-5: Security Status Reporting
Task 6-6: Ongoing Risk Determination & Acceptance
Task 6-7: Information System Removal & Decommissioning
Continuous Monitoring
Security Automation Domains
Lab: Info System & Environment Changes

Chapter 11: DoD/IC RMF Implementation

RMF Knowledge Service
DoD/IC Specific Documentation
RMF within DoD and IC process review

Appendix A: Supplement Reference

Appendix B: Acronym Reference

Appendix C: RMF Process Checklists by Step

Appendix D: Answer Keys

Answers to Review Questions
Lab Exercise Answers

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(ISC)² CAP Exam Bonus Content

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Northrop Grumman

The intent of the training was to help us pass the exam, and make us familiar with the material and types of questions. The instructor did a good job of getting us ready for the exam. I passed the exam!

Lonnie Fleming


I love the Training Camp format which handles all of the logistics of the training and allowing the student to focus on the course material and certification test! Training Camp helped me to be successful, THE FIRST TIME, for both my PMP and CISSP.

Mark N

Booz Allen Hamilton

I left the class with a new-found confidence.

Andrew Horan


I was pleasantly surprised by Training Camp. The topic were presented in an easily understandable way. They have a high success rate. What else is there to say

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