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Cyber Secure Coder Certification


3 Days (Virtual or Physical Classroom)

What’s Included

Everything You Need to Pass the CSC-210 Exam

Pass Guarantee

Free Retake of Course & Post-class support

Our Cyber Secure Coder  Certification Boot Camp presents an approach for dealing with security and privacy throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

Our Secure Coder training program includes:
• Hands-on labs and interactive exercises to give you real-world experience
• Exam-focused instruction and practice tests to help you become familiar with the exam format
• Study materials and resources to help you prepare for the exam
• Access to our team of experts who can answer any questions you may have
• A 100% Pass guarantee, to ensure that you succeed on your exam

We understand that preparing for a certification exam can be challenging, that’s why we designed our boot camp to give you the best chance of success. By the end of our program, you will be fully prepared to pass the CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder certification exam and take the next step in your career.


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  • Identify the need for security in your software projects.
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities within software.
  • Use a Security by Design approach to design a secure architecture for your software.
  • Implement common protections to protect users and data.
  • Apply various testing methods to find and correct security defects in your software.
  • Maintain deployed software to ensure ongoing security.

This course presents secure programming concepts that apply to many different types of software development projects.

Although this course uses Python, HTML, and JavaScript to demonstrate various programming concepts, you do not need to have experience in these languages to benefit from this course. However, you should have some programming experience, whether it be developing desktop, mobile, web, or cloud applications.

CertNexus is a vendor-neutral certification body, providing emerging technology certifications and
micro-credentials for business, data, developer, IT, and security professionals. CertNexus’ mission is
to assist closing the emerging tech global skills gap while providing individuals with a path towards
rewarding careers in Cybersecurity, Data Science, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/
Machine Learning

Identifying the Need for Security in Your Software Projects
Topic A: Identify Security Requirements and Expectations
Topic B: Identify Factors That Undermine Software Security
Topic C: Find Vulnerabilities in Your Software
Topic D: Gather Intelligence on Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Handling Vulnerabilities
Topic A: Handle Vulnerabilities Due to Software Defects and Misconfiguration
Topic B: Handle Vulnerabilities Due to Human Factors
Topic C: Handle Vulnerabilities Due to Process Shortcomings

Designing for Security
Topic A: Apply General Principles for Secure Design
Topic B: Design Software to Counter Specific Threats

Developing Secure Code
Topic A: Follow Best Practices for Secure Coding
Topic B: Prevent Platform Vulnerabilities
Topic C: Prevent Privacy Vulnerabilities

Implementing Common Protections
Topic A: Limit Access Using Login and User Roles
Topic B: Protect Data in Transit and At Rest
Topic C: Implement Error Handling and Logging
Topic D: Protect Sensitive Data and Functions
Topic E: Protect Database Access

Testing Software Security
Topic A: Perform Security Testing
Topic B: Analyze Code to find Security Problems
Topic C: Use Automated Testing Tools to Find Security Problems

Maintaining Security in Deployed Software
Topic A: Monitor and Log Applications to Support Security
Topic B: Maintain Security after Deployment

Mapping Course Content to Cyber Secure Coder (Exam CSC-210)

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What is CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder?

CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder is the premier certification for those who desire to effectively address security issues as in the creation of software

Who should attend this Cyber Secure Coder Training?

Software developers, testers, and architects who develop in multiple programming languages for any type of platform who desire or are required to develop highly protected applications for business and organizational use.

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