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CMMC Assessor Certification Boot Camp


4 Days (Virtual or Physical Classroom)

What’s Included

Everything You Need to Pass the CMMC Assessor Exam

CMMC AB LTP Approved

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This CMMC Assessor Certification course offers a comprehensive understanding of the CMMC model and equips assessors with the necessary technical expertise to engage effectively as members of a C3PAO assessment team.

It also prepares them to provide valuable guidance to organizations aiming for a Level 2 CMMC assessment. During the course, participants will gain in-depth insights from provisional instructors who are actively involved in NIST SP 800-171 assessments, covering both technical and administrative aspects. Upon successfully completing this course, attendees will be qualified to take the CCA exam.


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  • Certified CMMC Assessor Training Program Materials
  • CMMC Core Concepts Quick Reference Card
  • CMMC Glossary and Acronyms
  • CMMC 2.0 Training Materials
  • Individuals interested in partcipating in CMMC assessments with a C3PAO or as a consultant
  • Individuals or organizations seeking to offer CMMC implementation and assessment preperation services
  • Individuals tasked with implementing the CMMC program for their organization
  • Any individual seeking to become a certified assessor
  • How to perform, manage and score assessment objectives in accordance with the established methods and requirements of NIST SP 800-171 DOD Assessment Methodology
  • The ability to demonstrate an understanding of data classifications, governance and the CMMC model
  • Understand the concepts and application of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Intelectual Property (IP) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Understand the relationship of CMMC to:
    • Risk Management Framework for Information Systems and Organizations (RMF) (SP 800-37 Revision 2)
    • Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations (SP 800-53 Revision 5)
    • Managing Information Security Risk: Organization, Mission, and Information System View (SP 800-39)

Domain 1: Evaluating OSC Against CMMC Level 2 Requirements
– Assess the various environmental considerations of OSCs against CMMC L2 practices

Domain 2: CMMC Level 2 Assessment Scoping
– Analyze the CMMC Assessment Scope of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Assets as they pertain to a CMMC assessment using the five categories of CUI assets as defined in the CMMC Level 2 Assessment Scoping Guide
– Given a scenario, analyze the CMMC Assessment Scope based on the predetermine CUI categories within the CMMC Level 2 Assessment Scoping Guide.
– Evaluate CMMC assessment scope considerations based on the CMMC Level 2 Assessment Scoping Guide

Domain 3: CMMC Assessment Process (CAP)
– Given a scenario, apply the appropriate phases and steps to plan, prepare, conduct, and report on a CMMC
Level 2 Assessment.

Domain 4: Assessing CMMC Level 2 Practices
– Identify evidence verification/validation methods and objects for Practices based on the CMMC Level 2
Assessment Guide and CAP documentation

Practice Exam & Detailed Review



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Accenture PLC

I don’t know that I would have had the strategy, or the understanding of the exam materials to pass the exam without this course. The course helped me to put in to a perspective that was valid for the exam. Highly recommended.

Dr. Nancy Landreville

NML Computer Consulting Company Corp

Training Camp is an incredible organization with dedicated professional instructors who ensure the class is engaged in the learning experience. The venue is perfect and the staff provide excellent care of their customers during the training period.


Northrop Grumman

The intent of the training was to help us pass the exam, and make us familiar with the material and types of questions. The instructor did a good job of getting us ready for the exam. I passed the exam!

Rich Hardt


I have rarely been this impressed and satisfied with a training course or training vendor!

Mark N

Booz Allen Hamilton

I left the class with a new-found confidence.


Group CMMC Training

Are several of your team members interested in CMMC certification? Would you like them to attend training at your location or via a private virtual training course? Our enterprise solutions specialists will create a package of training that fits your organization’s specific training needs. We can accommodate group training packages for as few as five to as many as thousands of team members spread across the globe.

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