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This Network Automation with Python and Ansible (NETPYA) course guides students in integrating Python skills with Ansible to automate network operations. Students will explore automation techniques for leading vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, and Arista, with the option to request examples from specific vendors they work with. The curriculum starts by emphasizing network automation using Python, gradually expanding to include comprehensive automation practices with Ansible.

Our Network Automation with Python and Ansible course features:

  • Hands-on Labs: Apply what you learn in real-time through hands-on labs and exercises.
  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from industry veterans who bring years of real-world experience into the classroom.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into the essentials of network automation.
  • Custom CPE/CEUs: Enrolling in our program grants access to specialized continuing education credits recognized by a majority of leading certification providers.

In an era where efficiency and speed are the benchmarks of success, learning to automate with Python and Ansible is not just an option—it’s a necessity.


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Day 1 – Critical Python Catchup & Review

  • Overview of Python and Ansible
  • Python white space rules & best practices
  • Printing and more Printing
  • Date types and Variables
  • Packing and Unpacking Variables
  • f Strings
  • Conditional expressions
  • Relational and Boolean operators
  • Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries
  • Indexing and slicing
  • Built-in functions
  • Iterating with Loops (for and while)
  • Working with files
  • Software Control Management (SCM) (Git, Github, Bitbucket, Cloudshare, etc.)
  • Using Python to access REST interfaces
  • Working with JSON
  • Python, Ansible and Paramiko
  • Using Paramiko to SSH with keys and passwords
  • RESTful API review
  • API keys
  • Paramiko Review
  • Using Paramiko to SFTP with keys and passwords

Day 02 – Python and Network Automation

  • Introduction to Netmiko (automating routers and switches)
  • Using Netmiko to send commands to / from network devices
  • Working with YAML
  • Converting JSON to YAML with Python
  • Ansible keywords
  • YAML and JSON for data exchange
  • Ansible and YAML
  • Ansible Playbook components
  • Tying together Python and Ansible – Using Python within Ansible
  • Ansible Network Modules
  • What is new in Ansible (most current updates / release notes)
  • Network Agnostic modules
  • Writing network playbooks
  • Reviewing the construction of network playbooks
  • Writing Ansible playbooks that respond to network failures

Day 03 – Blending Python and Ansible Skillsets

  • Review how to use Python within Ansible
  • Calling Python scripts with Ansible
  • Jinja2 Templating Engine for Python (and Ansible)
  • Using Templates in Ansible playbooks
  • Jinja2 filters, looping, and other useful tricks for automating with Ansible
  • Playbook tagging for selective runs
  • When to use Python and when to use Ansible
  • “Big Picture” options for using Python & Ansible within your Network
  • Ansible Roles

Day 04 – Customizing Ansible with Python

  • Review – Running Scripts with Ansible
  • Prompting for Ansible user input
  • Ansible Galaxy & Getting at Roles
  • Writing a custom Ansible Module with Python
  • Ansible “Engine” vs Ansible “Tower” – marketing hype, capabilities, costs, etc.
  • Case Study: Automate your Enterprise Network
  • When to use Python and when to use Ansible
  • Writing your own Ansible modules in Python
  • “Big Picture” options for using Python & Ansible within your Network
  • Overview – NETCONF / YANG and what they mean for Python and Ansible
  • Molecule – Testing your roles
  • Lab 0 – Setting up the Admin PC for Development
  • Lab 1 – Build your First Python Script
  • Lab 2 – More Python
  • Lab 3 – Strings in Python
  • Lab 4 – Using argv
  • Lab 5 – Lists and Dictionaries
  • Lab 6 – Loops and if-else
  • Lab 7 – Defining a Function
  • Lab 8 – Using Python Scripting and the REST API
  • Lab 9 – Telnetib (Optional)
  • Lab 10 – Paramiko
  • Lab 11 – Netmiko
  • Lab 12 – Ansible Installation
  • Lab 13 – Verify the Ansible Installation
  • Lab 14 – CSRX-1 SSH Connectivity
  • Lab 15 – Cisco IOS Show Command Execution with Ansible
  • Lab 16 – Configuration Changes with Ansible
  • Lab 17 – Create a Custom Module for Ansible
  • Lab 18 – Installing and Using a Role from Galaxy
  • Lab 19 – Ansible and Jinja2 Templating
  • Lab 20 – Integrating Template Instantiation and Device Synchronization into a Playbook

This boot camp is ideal for network engineers, systems administrators, and any IT professionals looking to enhance their skills in network automation. It’s also suitable for beginners with a basic understanding of networking concepts and a willingness to learn programming for automation.

Participants should have a basic understanding of networking concepts and protocols. Familiarity with Python and Linux command line is helpful but not required, as the boot camp will cover these topics from the basics.

You will learn how to write Python scripts for network automation, use Ansible playbooks for configuring network devices, automate common network administration tasks, and implement best practices for network automation. The boot camp includes hands-on labs and real-world scenarios to practice what you learn.

For in-person sessions, the necessary equipment and lab environments are provided. For virtual sessions, you will need a computer with internet access, and instructions will be given on how to set up your environment before the boot camp starts.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the boot camp will receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in network automation with Python and Ansible.

By completing the NETPYA boot camp, you’ll gain the skills to automate network tasks efficiently, reduce manual errors, improve your job prospects, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving field of network engineering

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Ron French

U.S. Air Force

The Training Camp experience was well organized and super-informative. The instructor’s experience and ability to communicate made the training worth more than it’s weight in gold! I highly recommend the CISSP course at Training Camp!

Mike Guzman


Training Camp’s trainers, especially our instructor Jeff, are in a class of their own. John’s blend of industry knowledge and teaching acumen is outstanding


Northrop Grumman

The intent of the training was to help us pass the exam, and make us familiar with the material and types of questions. The instructor did a good job of getting us ready for the exam. I passed the exam!

Chris Beebie

Data Corp

As a project manager, I found his insights invaluable. He simplified complex AI concepts, making them digestible for everyone. Training Camp is truly fortunate to have such talent.

Dave Sepeczi

I would just like to say that the whole Training Camp experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is interested in achieving Cisco certifications. All of the things done by them made for a pleasant experience.


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