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COBIT 2019 Foundation Boot Camp


2 Days (Virtual or Physical Classroom)

What’s Included

Everything You Need to Pass the COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam

COBIT 2019 Foundation Pass Guaranteed

Our COBIT 2019 Foundation Certification Boot Camp equips you with the knowledge & skills needed to pass the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam and become a certified COBIT professional. This COBIT framework boot camp is taught by experienced instructors specializing in governance & the latest Enterprise IT landscape.

Our COBIT 2019 Foundation training program includes:
• Interactive exercises to give you real-world experience and understanding of industry frameworks
• Exam-focused instruction and practice tests to help you become familiar with the exam format
• Study materials and resources to help you prepare for the exam
• Access to our team of experts who can answer any questions you may have
• A 100% Pass guarantee, to ensure that you succeed on your exam

We aim to make exam preparation stress-free by offering a comprehensive boot camp for COBIT 2019 Foundation. Our program ensures you’re fully prepared to pass the certification exam & advance your career.


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The COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) certification is ideal for individuals who are involved in the management, governance, and/or assessment of information technology in an enterprise. This includes but is not limited to IT professionals, business managers, internal auditors, and consultants. The certification is relevant for those who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in IT governance and management.


  • How to align IT goals with strategic business objectives using tools designed to give governance a wider perspective, and practitioners more flexibility.
  • The value derived from IT, necessary resources, and potential risks in the process of building a mature relationship between the business and IT.
  • The different types of IT governance frameworks such as ITIL, NIST etc., including the benefits of each and how they work.

COBIT and ITIL are two distinct frameworks for information technology (IT) management and governance. The key differences between the two are:

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) focuses on the governance and management of enterprise IT, and provides a comprehensive framework for the evaluation, management, and governance of information and technology.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), on the other hand, is a set of best practices for IT service management, providing guidance on the delivery and support of IT services to meet the needs of an organization. ITIL focuses on the alignment of IT services with business needs, and includes specific processes for incident management, problem management, change management, and other aspects of IT service delivery.

In summary, COBIT provides a broader, enterprise-level view of IT governance and management, while ITIL focuses specifically on the delivery and support of IT services.

CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) and COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) are both frameworks for IT governance and management, but they differ in their focus and scope.

COBIT is a comprehensive framework for the evaluation, management, and governance of enterprise IT. It provides a set of best practices for IT governance and management, and covers areas such as IT governance, risk management, and IT service management.

CGEIT, on the other hand, is a certification program offered by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) that focuses specifically on the governance of enterprise IT. It provides a rigorous, globally recognized certification for individuals who have demonstrated their knowledge and experience in the governance of enterprise IT. The CGEIT certification is based on COBIT, but also includes additional information and guidance on enterprise IT governance practices.

In summary, COBIT provides a comprehensive framework for IT governance and management, while CGEIT is a certification program that focuses specifically on the governance of enterprise IT and is based on COBIT principles.

Our COBIT Foundation courseware is regularly updated with feedback from certified alumni to stay current with exam content. It is reviewed every 30 days to ensure accurate information, providing a unique advantage over traditional COBIT books or externally sourced materials.

  • Exam format: Multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 75
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Passing score: 65%
  • Languages: English, Spanish and simplified Chinese
  • Domains:
    1. Framework Introduction (12%)
    2. Principles (13%)
    3. Business Case (3%)
    4. Governance System and Components (30%)
    5. Designing a Tailored Governance System (7%)
    6. Governance and Management Objectives (23%)
    7. Implementation (8%)
    8. Performance Management (4%)

Our COBIT Foundation instructors are skilled in accelerated learning and exam prep. With experience from training thousands of exam takers, they bring unique insights to ensure your success in the COBIT Foundation boot camp.

Our COBIT Foundation training program provides a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience, fully equipped with the latest in educational content. Our COBIT practice test question review sessions are an added bonus, as they feature interactive practice exams, practical simulations designed to mirror the actual certification exam, and real-life scenarios that reinforce your understanding of COBIT principles.

This cutting-edge approach to training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently tackle the COBIT Foundation certification exam, and excel in the field of IT governance and management.

Upon completion of the course, students are offered to attend (as many times as desired) our ongoing live, online full-day exam preparation review sessions prior to taking the examination. We are so confident in our course, we offer the industry’s best guarantee.

Our support team will assist with your COBIT Foundation certification preparation, covering exam registration and all necessary steps. They will address any questions to ensure your success in achieving COBIT Foundation certification.

We provide qualifying activities to meet your renewal requirement for our Alumni, such as:

  • Custom training events
  • Exclusive webinars
  • Reduced-cost exam vouchers

We understand the importance of staying current in this field and are committed to helping our Alumni maintain their professional certified status. Whether you are looking to renew your current certification or earn additional ones, we provide the resources and support you need to stay current and competitive in the industry.

  • Section 1: Enterprise Governance of IT (EGIT)
    • New concepts and terminology regarding the designing and implementation EGIT
    • The contexts and benefits of COBIT as an IT governance framework
    • Explain the key points of the COBIT business case
  • Section 2: The COBIT Core Model
    • Explore it’s 40 governance and management objectives
    • Explain key attributes and COBIT’s alignment with industry frameworks
  • The revised and optimised performance management system and flexible adaptations of COBIT 2019
    • Discover it’s use of maturity and capability measurements
    • Allows for implementation on an enterprise wide scale or specific projects
  • Section 3: Governance and Management Objectives
    • Understand what “Enterprise IT” means and encompasses
    • Understand and describe the various components of the COBIT governance system
      • Focus areas
      • Design factors
    • Explore and understand the links between objectives, enterprise alignment goals and their purpose in the management processes and practices

•Exam Structure
•Exam Registration Process
•Time Management
•Topics and Concepts
•COBIT Foundation Certification Question Structure
•Vendor Interpretation Techniques


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AutoVin Inc

I would highly recommend using Training Camp for this type of training but be prepared to work hard and do your prep work before the training because it is a very hard exam with a very wide area of knowledge being tested.

Clifton Russ


I strongly encourage any individual to top their individual studying with the well informed and experienced personnel of Training Camp. They helped me maximize my learning experience!

Harry Newsome


This exam frightens me to the point of not wanting to sit through it again. I will report that the Training Camp bootcamp was far better than any other I’ve attended.



I believe self-study would have been much much harder to comprehend the information and pass the test on a first try. My colleagues who self-studied flunked the first time they took it. I passed the first time after attending the boot camp.


Accenture PLC

I don’t know that I would have had the strategy, or the understanding of the exam materials to pass the exam without this course. The course helped me to put in to a perspective that was valid for the exam. Highly recommended.


Group COBIT Framework Training

If several members of your team have expressed interest in the COBIT Framework, our team of enterprise solutions specialists would be happy to help design a tailored training program that meets your organization’s specific needs. Whether you prefer in-person training at your location or a convenient virtual training course, we have you covered.

Our flexible training options are designed to accommodate groups of varying sizes, ranging from small teams of 5 to large organizations with thousands of employees located across the globe. With our personalized training packages, you can ensure that your team receives the best possible preparation for success in the field of IT governance and management.

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