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This self-paced on-demand course is focused on CompTIA’s Security+ SY0-601 certification exam. This program covers 28+ hours of videos, detailed practice exams, and extensive lab access for practical application of skills. Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification that is recognized worldwide as a benchmark for information system security best practices.

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•Pre-recorded videos and narrated presentations
•Pre-configured practice labs
•Practice exams
•Security+ topic flashcards with performance tracker
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    • Overview
    • Social Engineering Techniques
    • Malware
    • Password Attacks – Types
    • Password Attacks – Tools
    • Application Attacks – Injections
    • Application Attacks – System Resources
    • Application Attacks – XSS And XSRF
    • Application Attacks – Replay Attacks
    • Network Attacks – DNS Attacks
    • Network Attacks – Layer 2 Attacks
    • Network Attacks – DoS And DDoS
    • Network Attacks – MiTM And MiTB
    • Network Attacks – Wireless
    • Vulnerabilities
    • Threat Intelligence – OSINT
    • Threat Intelligence – Threat Maps And Feeds
    • Threat Intelligence Vulnerability Databases Feed
    • Threat Actors And Vectors
    • Cryptography Concepts
    • Encryption And Steganography
    • Hashing
    • Secure Protocols
    • Symmetric Vs. Asymmetric Encryption
    • PKI Concepts
    • Certificates
    • Keys
    • IPSec
    • Authentication And Authorization
    • Authentication Methods
    • Additional Authentication Methods
    • Biometrics
    • Authentication Protocols – PAP And CHAP
    • Authentication Protocols – EAP And 802.1X
    • Authentication Protocols – RADIUS And TACACS
    • Authentication Protocols – Kerberos
    • Access Control Schemes
    • Account Management – Account Types
    • Account Management – Password Policies
    • Account Management – Account Policies
    • Application Security
    • Physical Security
    • Wireless Security
    • Secure Data Destruction
    • Host Security – Endpoint Protection
    • Host Security – Hardening
    • Mobile Device Deployment
    • Mobile Device Management And Enforcement
    • Mobile Device Connections
    • Specialized Systems
    • Network Security – Segmentation
    • Network Security – VPNs
    • Network Security – Proxies And Load Balancing
    • Network Security – Port Security
    • Network Security – Firewalls
    • Network Security – NIDS And NIPS
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud Concepts
    • Cloud Services
    • Cloud Models
    • Computing Types
    • Cloud Security Controls
    • Hardware Redundancy
    • Site Redundancy
    • Non-Persistence Concepts
    • Backup And Recovery
    • Network Reconnaissance And Discovery
    • Packet Capture And Replay
    • Vulnerability Scans
    • SIEM And SOAR Systems
    • Pentesting Techniques
    • Pentesting Exercise Types
    • Digital Forensics Concepts
    • Investigational Data Sources
    • Incident Response Process
    • Incident Response Plans
    • Attack Frameworks
    • Security Controls
    • Regulations, Standards And Frameworks
    • Spotlight On General Data Protection Regulation
    • Organizational Security Policies – Personnel
    • Organizational Security Policies – 3rd Party Risk
    • Organizational Security Policies – Data
    • Organizational Security Policies – Other Areas
    • Risk Management Concepts – Vocabulary
    • Risk Management Concepts – Types & Strategies
    • Risk Management Concepts – Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management Concepts Business Impact Analysis
    • Privacy And Data Sensitivity Breaches & Data Types
    • Privacy, Data Sensitivity – Privacy Enhancing Tech
    • Privacy, Data Sensitivity, Roles, Responsibilities
    • Privacy And Data Sensitivity – Other Areas


  • Identifying Different Cyber Attacks
  • Social Engineering Techniques and Exploits
  • Identifying Indicators of a Network Attack
  • Network Security Assessment Tools
  • Implementing Secure Network Solutions
  • Enterprise Network Security Configuration Concepts
  • Physical Security Control Mechanisms
  • Gathering Intelligence on Threat Actors and Vectors
  • Determining Security Vulnerabilities
  • Security Assessment Techniques
  • Penetration Testing Techniques
  • Authentication and Authorization Implementation Techniques
  • Authentication and Authorization Solutions
  • Implementing a Public Key Infrastructure
  • Implementation of Secure Protocols
  • Securing an Environment using Mitigating Techniques
  • Cybersecurity Backup and Restore Strategies
  • Identity and Account Management Mechanisms
  • Identifying Different Application Exploits
  • Application Hardening Deployment Techniques
  • Application and Host Hardening Techniques
  • Cyber Security Vulnerabilities of Embedded Systems
  • Cloud and Virtualization Concepts
  • Securing a Cloud Infrastructure
  • Incident Response Policies and Procedures
  • Incident Response Tools
  • Implementing Wireless Security Configurations
  • Mobile Security Solutions
  • Cryptographic Basic Concepts
  • Digital Data Forensic Techniques
  • Control Mechanisms, Standards and Frameworks
  • Organizational Risk Management and Policies
  • Data Protection Implementation
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